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Meet the Hosts

A portrait of Ali Simon, the host of Teacher Shift.

Alexandra "Ali" Simon

Former Teacher. Synthesizer. Podcast Host.

Ali spent over seven years in the classroom. Her decision to leave came after a family health scare, and to support her active duty service member’s career. Ali's shift led to a rewarding job in grant and project management. As co-host of Teacher Shift, Ali advocates for a healthier work-life balance so teachers can live sustainably while fulfilling their professional goals.

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JoDee Scissors

Former Teacher. Storyteller. Podcast Host.

JoDee spent over thirteen years as classroom teacher. Her decision to leave came after experiencing a lack of creativity in the workplace and a struggle with career and personal life balance. She says the hardest thing to leave behind were her students - but has no regrets. As co-host of Teacher Shift, JoDee likes connecting with people who want to make their next hire a teacher. 

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A portrait of JoDee Scissors, the host of Teacher Shift.
Ali Simon and JoDee Scissors taking a selfie at the SXSW Conference in Austin, Texas.

About Us

From the Classroom to Podcasting

For very different reasons, Ali and JoDee once asked themselves - Who am I if I'm not a teacher? After a lot of self reflection, support, and guidance from family and friends, they eventually made a shift from teaching. After getting settled into their new careers, Ali and JoDee connected over their identities as former teachers. Inspired to create a place to offer strategies for career change, uncover hard topics, and listen to real stories from the voices of former teachers, teachers, and champions for teachers, The Great Teacher Resignation podcast was born. After reaching many streaming milestones over the years, they decided to make one more change and re-introduced TGTR as the Teacher Shift podcast.

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